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Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the 33rd Annual Meeting and Symposium of ISPSO  This year the symposium theme is

Ethical Dilemmas in our Global Era: challenging psychoanalytic understanding of organizations’

Participants in this symposium are invited to think deeply about the unconscious aspects of organizational life and to examine our own ways to apply psychoanalytic theory in our practice. A person’s moral principles tell us something about their social world, while their ethics will be reflected in the way they put these principles into practice. Understood in this way, an ethical dilemma is faced in a person’s practice when they are encountering a situation in which it is not clear what behaviors would be ethical. Such situations abound in an era of globalization that appears ever more precarious.

As we encounter the interface between psychoanalysis and ethics, we are surrounded and confounded by layers of uncertainty and internal instability.  We are bombarded by concerns with growing financial inequalities, social class inequities, emigration and immigration, the chasms of cultural and religious differences, the threats of war and viruses, and the effects of terrorism.  The precariousness of these turbulent times becomes the context for both personal and organizational learning. The papers and panels enable us to dialogue around the plethora of situations in which we confront ethical dilemmas.

Many congratulations go to Manuel Seijo Diaz and Muzaffer Mustafa who organized this exciting program on behalf of the Board and the membership of ISPSO. Following the ISPSO tradition, Manuel and Muzi have planned an exciting social program each evening. Our hosts created space to renew friendships, discover the activities of new colleagues, and enjoy interesting conversations while soaking up the culture in the extraordinary city of Granada. We are very grateful to our colleagues for bringing us together in this impressive environment and for all the efforts they have made in collaboration with their planning team.

With warmest wishes for a stimulating learning experience,

Carole Eigen, PhD

President, ISPSO



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